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Smart home installations have risen dramatically in popularity. There’s an abundance of products on the market, but which devices will save you time and make your life easier?

Edwards Electricals deal with all manner of smart technology and smart home installations. Our domestic and commercial electricians install smart heating controls, intelligent lighting, and automation equipment to create innovative high-tech solutions.


You might be surprised to find out how much smart home installations can streamline your lifestyle. Read on to find out what simple domestic devices might have a positive impact on your day.

Technology To Make Your Life Easier

Smart Phone

Phones have become much more than devices to make and receive calls on. You’ll likely need one to operate most of the smart technology mentioned here.

With the addition of voice activated virtual assistants our phones are more useful than ever. Need to Google something while you’re driving? No problem. You can get an answer to your question simply by speaking to your phone. There’s no need to pull over because smart technology means you can operate your phone safely and keep your eyes on the road.

Automated Blinds & Curtains

These are great for those with limited mobility as well as for windows in hard to reach areas. This smart home installation means that you can open and close your curtains with the click of a button. A great way to add a real touch of luxury to your home!

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Smart Kettle

If you need a cup of coffee to wake up in the morning, this is the device for you. You can connect your smart kettle to your phone, so you can get water on the boil before you’ve even got out of bed. You can even set up your kettle to activate on a daily schedule, so you don’t even need to be awake to get things on the go.

Smart Slow Cooker

Many smart slow cookers don’t need a phone connection. The smart technology is contained in the cooker. Simply fill the pot with your ingredients, then use the digital display to set up the correct temperature and time to start cooking. You can put together an easy meal before leaving the house and return home to a delicious dinner that’s hot and ready to eat.


Smart Plug

Do you worry that you’ve left your straighteners on all the time? This could be your favourite piece of smart technology. A smart plug is a plug that can be switched on and off by your phone. If you’re concerned that you’ve left anything on when you’re not in the house, you can switch it off at the tap of a button. What a relief!

Smart Hoover

A few years ago, robotic vacuum cleaners were futuristic fiction. Brands such as Roomba and RoboVac are now household names, but this smart technology does come at a price. Smart hoovers retail well into the hundreds of pounds. Robot vacuums can be connected to home assistants like Alexa, so you can start hoovering your home without lifting a finger.

Find These Useful? Call Edwards Electricals To Help You Automate Your Home

There’s so much technology out there now that can make your life easier. If you’re loving the convenience of smart products, why not get a professional smart home installation? Edwards Electricals install lots of smart technology in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. Our electricians can help you choose the right systems for your home and install them for you safely. Give us a call for a free quote and we’ll have your smart home installation up and running in no time.

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