The Importance Of Electrical Testing

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Having your electronic appliances PAT tested is paramount to yours and other people’s safety. Electrical testing ensures that all ‘portable’ electronics in your business premises are safe to use. The test assumes that an electronic appliance that plugs into the wall is considered ‘portable’.

Ensuring that there is very little chance of any accidental injury due to faulty electronics means a much safer working environment for you and your staff. Electrical testing will check to make sure that the electronic is safe to use but also that there is a minimal amount of risk of damage to the electrical equipment too. Without these inspections, faulty electronic appliances can lead to substantial repair work, replacing expensive equipment or in worse cases fire and severe injuries.

What’s Involved In Electrical Testing?

A Portable Appliance Test or PAT inspection is the process of testing any electrical appliances to make sure they aren’t faulty and are safe to use. As expert inspectors, we conduct several tests depending on the complexity of the device. These include:

Our expert team will mark the item with a pass or a fail after the testing is completed. Items indicated with a pass indicate that they are safe to use, whilst those marked with a fail indicate that they should be checked and fixed.

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Test Sticker Of Approval

PAT testing is one of the most effective ways to meet your health and safety obligations as an employer by ensuring that any equipment used on your premises is safe to use on a regular basis. When you place ‘Test Passed’ stickers to each item once it is tested, you assure your employees and visitors that their safety is your top priority.

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Test stickers are an important aspect of ensuring that this system operates in the best interests of everyone. Regularly examining each appliance – normally once a year or more – ensures that any faults are discovered before anyone is harmed. Labels that say “Passed PAT Test” aren’t the only documentation in this system.

When a product fails an inspection, our inspectors may be obliged to apply ‘Failed PAT Test’ labels or even a failed test tag, which physically stops the appliance from being used until it is fixed.

Electrical Testing For Your Business with Edwards electricals

Our engineers are fully qualified electricians and testing inspectors. We can come into your business premises and inspect every electrical appliance without causing too much inconvenience to your day to day work. Testing needs to be conducted once a year to ensure the safety of the appliance.

Contact us for more information on PAT testing and to enquire about our electrical testing services.

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